When is furniture an appropriate gift? Deciding on a piece of furniture to a friend, relative, spouse or romantic partner may seem like a minefield fraught with potential wrong decisions. One sound bit of advice can make the process more enjoyable for both the giver and the recipient. That is to be absolutely certain the person wants some new furniture and that the gift fits exactly with what he or she desires. Browsing a furniture store website together, like marketplaceidahofalls.com, can provide the necessary insight.

It might seem odd to think that two spouses wouldn’t really know each other’s tastes in furniture, but too often one is trying to influence the other with such a purchase. A wife who wants to replace her husband’s beloved but worn out old recliner may hope he will come to adore something different but that fits better with the home’s decor. The husband may believe that if he buys his sweetheart something he would absolutely love, such as a very practical but basic product, that she will appreciate it as well. These choices are well-meaning ones, but tend to miss the mark.

Instead, the two might stop at a store like Marketplace Furniture Outlet and browse the display areas. The male half of the couple may find a recliner that looks absolutely perfect. Giving up the ratty old chair and replacing it with a thoroughly comfortable leather or fabric model in a color he likes best may suddenly seem acceptable. If he can’t part with the old chair, perhaps it could be placed in a basement den or at the cabin up north.

What if the giver wants the present to be a surprise? That usually can be arranged, as long as the giver is subtle. This person might entice the other one to the store on the pretense of shopping for something entirely different, then offhandedly ask what the intended recipient would like. In this type of casual conversation, it’s easy to learn more about the furnishings someone would want to add to the household. Perhaps the person isn’t all that interested in a new recliner at all, but a rustic upholstered glider is appealing.